Mini Dairy Configurator

Mini Dairy Configurator

Configure your tailor-made Mini Dairy to receive a specific quotation by following your indications.

mandatory fields

Fresh cheese
Pasteurized milk for bottles
Ripened cheese
Ricotta cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Panna cotta
Feta, cheddar, camambert, gouda
Single phase electricity 230V, 50/60 HZ, Power up to 6 KW
Triphase electricity 400V, 50/60 HZ, Power up to 30 KW
Gas (LPG, Methane)
Hot water

Potable water available
Scarce potable water, a closed circuit with ice water generator is required

Beginner, a dairy training is required
Minipasteurizer (up to 120 litres)
Polyvalent vat for cheese production
Cheese press
Plate pasteurizer from 500lt/h
Fruit toppings for yogurt
Trolley for dairy products storage
Mould holder table with stewing
Milk cooler
Yogurt maker
Dranaige simple table
Churn for artisanal butter
Bench cream separator
Solutions for yogurt packaging
Knife, lyre ,skimmer and accessories for curdling
Dairy advisory with an experienced dairyman
Refrigerated storage cabinet or refrigerator

Within 3 months with own funds
Over 6 months by using financing, RDP or others

I'm interested in a solution on container/monobloc
Room built, in adjustment/definition
Room still to be built