Testimonianza cliente dalla Finlandia


Grazie Pasi Niemi per la tua testimonianza dopo il corso per minicaseificio tenutosi con noi!

"I had a plesure for visiting the factory some days ago. Very professional way of handling the stainless steel. The long experience could be seen on the finishing of the equipment. Polished shiny steel makes the the hygiene easier.

The calf feeding equipments are robust to fit the harsh agri environment. Pasteurizing milk for calf is now easy and possible for smaller scale also.

Also partecipated to a course held by an experienced dairyman. Great to see how these equipments are used to make cheese and yogurt. Making the Mozzarella and Toma-cheese were an easy task with these equipment. The yogurt almost prepared it self while we were driving around the beautiful landscape of Piacenza surroundings.

I can recommend the Duecinox for everyone in milk business".

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