Testimonianza Prof. J. Heinrichs Università Penn State (USA)


"To whom it may concern:

During my stay in Italy I had the opportunity to visit the DUE CI INOX snc company, along with my fellow Italian researcher Mattia Fustini. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of stainless steel equipment for animal health. In particular, I was able to evaluate some of their calf related machine characteristics:

  1. the milk pasteurizer for calves PLV series (of which a copy is installed and working at the University of Bologna - Italy);
  2. the colostrum pasteurizer "COLO CARE" (a copy of which is used for testing and scientific studies by my colleague Mattia Fustini).

I can confirm that the machines mentioned above are well built and valuable in terms of effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the desire result that they are designed for. 


Arlyn J. Heinrichs,
Professor of Dairy Science"

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