Stainless Steel milk rising Vats


We have been manufacturing stainless steel VATS for MILK RISING for many decades and we still propose them to our customers.

The vats, available in different configurations, are both suitable for “GRANAcheese type production and typical skimmed milk rising cheeses.

Tailor-made solutions for Alpine cottages and small production units are available.

Units can be equipped with drainage and/or ice water production systems.


  1. Manufactured in rectangular size, entirely in stainless steel 304; 
  2. Central drain-pipe to expand towards the drain;
  3. Discharge with  waste pipe with rubber cap and rod, 
  4. “Damasked” external finishing;
  5. With stainless steel adjustable feet trestle and automatic drainage spring device.


  1. Simple wall;
  2. Double wall with ice water circulation for milk cooling;
  3. Available standard capacities: from 200 to 5.000 Lt.


  1. DRAINAGE SYSTEM: automatic systems, complete with pneumatic valves, collection tank, storage tank, control panel with PLC for scheduled management of the times and quantities to be delivered. Available for GRANA cheese TYPE production;

  2. ICE WATER SYSTEM: ice water generator for ice accumulation with recirculation pomp and control panel can be supplied to complete the installation.

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