Calves colostrum pasteurizer chosen by Cambridge University


Duecinox is proud of the installation of its calves colostrum pasteurizer Colocare at the prestigious Cambridge University.

The colostrum pasteurizer is used with bags into the farm for specific studies on calves feeding and on colostrum optimal usage.


The machine was chosen thanks to its features:

  • Precision and efficacy of the thermal treatment. The machine can run thermal cycles on 1 or 4 bags at the same time, and it minimizes water and electricity consumptions thanks to its advanced control panel.

  • Reliabilitystrength and ease of use. The machine, entirely made of stainless steel, has a compact and straightforward installation design with reduced maintenance

  • Flexibility in electronic programming of thermal cycles. The thermal treatment has been studied to always be uniform, without never damaging the content of immunoglobulins in the colostrum.



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