Dranaige Table for Minidairy

The essential minidairy kit is completed with DRANAIGE TABLES, entirely manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel, for curd processing.

They are available in different features and dimensions.


  1. Supporting structure in AISI 304 stainless steel profiled bar;
  2. Mounted on wheels;
  3. Draining with nozzle and cap with stainless steel round rod or ball valve;
  4. Damasked or satin-finished external finishing;
  5. Lower shelf (optional);
  6. Tank with raised side for stewing (optional);
  7. Stainless steel mould holder for curd distribution into moulds (optional)


  1. 80x80x5 (side) cm
  2. 160x90x12 (side) cm
  3. 200x90x12 (side) cm

Thanks to its internal manufacturing department and to its multiannual experience in stainless steel processing, the company is able to follow also special requests with tailor-made configurations.


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