Polyvalent vats for dairies – Milk coagulation


We manufacture stainless steel CHEESE KETTLES for milk processing and coagulation, aimed to different cheeses types production.

It’s possible to customize the polyvalent configuration according to the auxiliary systems present in the dairy (heating/cooling system) and according to the dairy product to be made.


  1. Single or multiple (small processing units mounted on a working stand for small production lines);
  2. Fixed or tilting versions (with manual or hydraulic device);
  3. With platform and mezzanine for the operator;
  4. Simple wall, insulated, triple wall.


  1. Heating/Cooling on bottom and on sides;
  2. Heating system with steam or hot water;
  3. With or without stirring system and curd cutting
  4. Orbital cutting or with lyre;
  5. Control panel with probe for thermoregulation.

Capacity from 120l.

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