Stainless steel Accessories for Gates and Fencings


Due Ci Inox, thanks to its warehouse enlargement, is able to follow professionally and promptly the supply requests of STAINLESS STEEL HINGES and ACCESSORIES for Gates and Fencings.

All available products are of stainless steel AISI 304 and permit to improve the aesthetic and functional form for Gates and Fencings.

Thanks to the internal department, the company can provide the polishing and welding service to manufacture tailor-made solutions upon customer request.


  1. Welding hinges with 3 wings;
  2. Welding hinges for gates – 2 wings.


  1. Points and ornamental nails for tubeless tyres;
  2. Black plastic caps;
  3. Genovese chain AISI 304;
  4. Wheels for gates;
  5. Rack AISI 304;
  6. Complete spacer peg for rack;
  7. Nylon guiding rollers;
  8. Hinges;
  9. Rammers.

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